Data Analyst | Hobbyist | Logical Robot


My name is Dan, and I grew up in Iowa, and moved to the East coast two days after graduating college. I love picking up hobbies, exploring, and play two instruments. I'm outgoing and will talk to anyone about nearly anything at any time! I can also eat a whole medium pizza in 8 bites. One bite per slice.

For my day job, I'm a data analyst. Now, that may come as shock to some, with logic and all. But, I code, love stats, and have my dream job of analyzing data! I also do some system administration work and data architecture. I have a Great Pyrenees named Daisy, who is about a year old. She is full of fluff, play, and love. She also is one of the fastest eaters I have EVER seen. She love meeting people and will spaz in joy when seeing anyone, at all times.

Horror has a diverse and broad field of movies. I just feel like there are so many sub-genres within, and I can explore each and never lose interest. I also love Halloween (the holiday) and macabre, so the two go hand in hand!