Media Producer | Star Wars Enthusiast | Slasher Aficionado


By day I'm the media team supervisor in the marketing department of a pretty snazzy mortgage company. By night I'm making things happen for the podcast (editing, drafting posts, managing the website, etc.), and occasionally driving for Uber.

I'm originally from Miami, FL, and I've been a transplant in Hampton Roads since the Navy put me here nearly a decade ago. I'm the youngest of five siblings, and my Puerto Rican and Cuban heritage is a point of pride for me. I firmly believe horror is the best film genre, but I freely admit to lovin’ a good musical (particularly Grease 2 — it was great and you can’t convince me otherwise). I also hate lettuce with the fire of a thousand suns — probably more than Anakin Skywalker hates sand.

I have a Pomeranian/Chihuahua named Anakin. He was born light gray and his fur turned black over the first year of his life. He's also a proper British gentleman.

I grew up watching horror movies with my brothers and sisters, and it was a huge source of bonding for us. I've always been fascinated by depictions of the darker side of humanity, and the idea that you can turn to horror movies to get the rush of fear you might not otherwise. I will always unapologetically love slasher films, partially because I find them more within the realm of possibility than zombies, demons, and other various monsters.