Cash Accountant | Fitness Boss | Resident Judge


I am the oldest of three girls (being the oldest isn't as great as some think)! My birthday is on Christmas, and no, it's not double the presents and it's not awesome. I grew up in the Midwest and moved to the East Coast (where my husband got a job). I'm only outgoing when I'm with people that I'm close to, otherwise I'm quiet as a mouse.

I am a graduate of Iowa State University with a Bachelors in Finance. I also took an extra year of school for accounting. I finally got a job very recently and I work as a Cash Accountant. Very exciting numbers things! Outside of work I love fitness, puppies, chillin with friends and watching Netflix.

I love animals, mostly puppies and horses! I have a family dog (a teddy bear) and her name is Sunny. She is the laziest dog around and refuses to learn any tricks (not even sit). The puppy I got with my husband is a Great Pyr and her name is Daisy. She is about a year old. She is loving, playful, and will lick you to death! She also has absolutely no brain, but does everything with her whole heart. If there is an animal in a movie, it is automatically my fav character.

I have very strong opinions on things that don't actually matter and I love to share them with pride. I watch horror movies because I like to be scared. They're fun to watch with friends. They're also extremely fun to judge. There's so many different kinds so there's plenty to choose from!