Leah Britton

Aspiring CPA | Puppy Cuddler | Avid Gamer


I am the oldest of three girls (being the oldest isn't as great as some think)! My birthday is on Christmas, and no, it's not double the presents and it's not awesome. I grew up in the Midwest and moved to the East Coast (where my husband got a job). I'm only outgoing when I'm with people that I'm close to, otherwise I'm quite as a mouse.

I recently graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelors in Finance. I'm back in school again for accounting so that I can sit for my CPA someday. I went from being in a sorority (I quit) to being an avid video game player. This is something that I've been told is a big deal.

I love animals, mostly dogs and horses! I have a family dog (a teddy bear) and her name is Sunny. She is the laziest dog around and refuses to learn any tricks (not even sit). The puppy I got with my husband is a Great Pyr and her name is Daisy. She is about 6 months old and is already 30 pounds! She is loving, playful, and will lick you to death!

I have very strong opinions on things that don't actually matter and I love to share them with pride. I watch horror movies because I like to be scared. They're fun to watch with friends. They can make you think even though you didn't go in for a thought-provoking movie. There's so many different kinds so there's plenty to choose from!