College Student | Criminal Justice Major | Automatonophobiac


I am the oldest of three with a sister and a brother. I was raised in a military family which had given me the opportunity to live in multiple places across the U.S. before settling down in Virginia Beach. I am currently wrapping up as a college student at Virginia Wesleyan University with a major in Criminal Justice where we obviously sometimes study some really gruesome crimes and serial murderers from the past.

During my free time I enjoy hanging out with my family, running with my dog, fishing with my brother, and hunting deer (and of course watching horror movies is on the list!). I also enjoy listening to music and going to concerts. My favorite time of season is the fall because A) It’s the season for scares and B) It’s time for the MLB World Series (I’m a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals). It’s also the season for haunted houses!

I most enjoy watching horror movies with others because the reactions are the best part! Movies that make me afraid are the most memorable ones, especially if they have you looking over your shoulder after leaving the theater. There are many different elements that go in to making a good horror movie, and so many ways to use them. In my opinion the horror genre has to be the most diverse in movie making. I am so excited in joining Dan, Leah, and Kris in sharing our opinions!