031: Psycho (1960 vs 1998)

031: Psycho (1960 vs 1998)

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This week the Hack or Slash team compares and contrasts the 1960 Hitchcock classic "Psycho" to its scene-for-scene 1998 remake. The group laments casting decisions in remakes, debates the likability of Vince Vaughn, and struggles with the complexities of modern first aid kits. This episode contains spoilers.

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Dan: @HackorSlashDan

Leah: @hackorslashLB

Alexis: @HackorSlashLex

PJ: @hackorslashpj

Movie Details

1960 IMDB

1998 IMDB

Title: "Psycho"

Dan's Synopsis: We see the prime example of how Mother's Day should truly be spent, and how mothers want to be treated.

1960 Run time: 1 hour 49 minutes

1998 Run time: 1 hour 45 minutes

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